Route Map for Small Circle Operation

Xiao Zhou Tian was the first stage of Neidan in chinese, one of the main schools of Qigong in ancient times, that is, the process of refinement of Qi, also known as 100-day foundation building.

basic content

Lower Dantian-Perineal-Tail Lung-Mingmen-Jiaji-Dazhui-Yuzhui-Baihui-Upper Dantian-Magpie Bridge-Chonglou-Zhongdantian-Lower Dantian. By the way, the Tao is different, the law is quite different from nature, the connection and the inaccessibility, the depth of Qi, all in its cognitive level of rationality and law, this picture is only simple and easy to understand.

The Position of Gongfu

Xiao Zhou Tian was the first stage of Neidan, one of the main schools of Qigong in ancient times, that is, the process of refinement of Qi, also known as 100-day foundation building. Nei Dan Shu holds that when people reach adulthood, due to the depletion of material desire and the insufficiency of essence, they must warm it with the innate temperature to enrich the acquired essence and return it to the innate essence, which is the purpose of Xiao Zhou Tian’s refinement. Complete this skill, you can prevent disease and disease.

Relevant concepts

Nei Dan Shu requires internal Qi to circulate in the body according to the meridian route. In the early period, it was called “Jin Ye Huan Dan” (Preface to Wuzhen Paper Annotated by Song Weng Baoguang) and “River Car Handling” (Xuanfu Luxun of Ming Dynasty). According to the viewpoint of “correspondence between heaven and man”, the term “Zhou Tian Tian” in astronomy was borrowed (Tian Xian Zhengli of Ming Dynasty Wu Songyang). There are also routes of operation, known as the “Tianjing” (Yuan Yuwu’s “Ridiculous Talk on the Seat). Xiao Zhou Tian means that the internal Qi starts from Xia Dan Tian, goes up against the Du vein, goes down along Ren Wei, goes through three passes: tail collar, Jiaji and jade pillow, upper, middle and lower Sandan Tian and upper and lower Queqiao, upper Queqiao is in Yintang, nostril, lower Queqiao is in perineum and valley) to circulate. In Neidan operation, special attention is paid to Ren Du’s two veins, as Li Shizhen pointed out in “Eight Veins of Qijing”: “Ren Du’s two veins, the son of the human body, and noon. It is the way of ascending and descending of Yang, Fire and Yin Fu in Danjia, and the place where water and fire intercourse. Therefore, Xiao Zhou Tian is also called meridian Zhou Tian, or take ridges to fill out, ridges to divorce, fire and water, heart-kidney intersection and so on. When the Yin and Qi have begun to move, at noon the Yang and Qi turn to decline and the Yin and Qi begin to germinate. Therefore, meridian represents the sun and moon of the celestial body, the heart and kidney of the human body, the ridge in the hexagrams, and the north and South in the orientation. Xiao Yanzhi of the Yuan Dynasty said in Jindan Dacheng Ji that it could be represented by the acquired Eight Diagrams. Because Xiao Zhou Tian asks the day after tomorrow to return the birth, the theory of internal alchemy is guided by the acquired Eight Diagrams. So focus on Kan and Li. The Kanli two Hexagrams are in the position of Zi, noon, water, fire, day and month in the figure of the eight hexagrams of the day after tomorrow, so they have many names. The exercise of Xiaozhou Tiangong method, the internal Qi feeling in the governor’s veins flow away, began when the son is alive. In the time of living, Xiadan field is pneumatic, producing small medicine, also known as true seeds. Then he began to supervise the circulation of the two veins, and correctly grasped the requirements of entering the sun and fire, retreating the yin, bathing, and so on. Sometimes on Sunday, he would resolutely boo, huh, huh, four, blow and hip-hop according to the six-character breath. He would inhale and breathe successively, and recite the pronunciation six times, totally 36 times. Xiaozhou Tian Circulation Diagram “Six Character Tips of Taishang Jade Axis”.

Practice process

Choose a clean room, open windows and close doors, fresh air, avoid wind direction, then undress, sit on the bed or sofa, straighten its body, spine is not distorted, correct is not distorted. The sitting posture is divided into two plates, one plate and the natural plate. When sitting, do three folds, that is, buttocks slightly backward, abdomen slightly bulging, chest slightly forward bending, not deliberately artificial, comfortable degree. Hold your hands under your abdomen. Then close your eyes slightly, calm into silence, do not think, do not look, do not listen, do not move, the tongue to the upper hu, mouth full and then slowly swallow. The beginners often have various ideas, which can be eliminated by follow-up method from time to time. Breathing requirements from slow and gentle gradually to deep, if not, like a tortoise breath. When exhaling, consciousness goes directly to the lower abdomen through the chest and stomach with the breath, and the heart pit is slightly invaginated (i.e. the method of descending the heart pit). At this time, practitioners have the feeling of breath sinking, that is, breath through Dantian. If consciousness does not follow, there will be no such feeling, that is, there will be misconceptions. It is all a conscious suggestion that the breath in reality is still nasal inspiration and exhalation. Only when the breath is exhaled, the conscious suggestion that the breath is through the lower abdomen. By using this method, depression can not only avoid misconceptions, but also avoid the disadvantage of full stomach and chest obstruction after long practice, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Such practice in March, the lower abdomen will inevitably produce heat, at this time can be lucky, so that the small week. Xiaozhou has a certain line every day, that is, to appoint the governor of the two veins, from the back up to the front down, back and forth, and the cycle is endless. Specific operation methods are as follows: using consciousness to imagine Dantian has a hot gas, from Dantian downstream, following the lower abdomen, reaching the four-inch central pole under the umbilical cord, through perineum, through the valley (anus) to the caudal ligament, ascending along the spinous process of the ridge, reaching Baihui point on the top of the head, then down the face, through the throat, entering Dantian from the midline of the chest and abdomen. After a short meal, he continued to follow the preceding method, starting from one cycle to another, and continuing to circulate until the end of his practice. Xiao Zhou Tian said that Dantian is an inch and fifth of the air-sea cave under the umbilical cord.

Matters needing attention

Do not breathe hard or lift the back of the neck with arch back, shoulder and head, otherwise it will easily lead to abuse. We must use conscious hints to slow the rise of inspiration. If there is no sense of ascension, practice more and lead to natural success. Must be gradual, not urgent, not noisy, according to the situation. Be impatient and aggressive, and deviate from it.

Strong body treatment

Xiaozhou Tiantong can use this method to treat diseases, but we need to know the relationship between the focus of the disease area and twelve meridians, eight odd meridians in advance, then we can draw Qi to run along the meridians, attack the disease center by air, and achieve the expected results. For example, if the lesion of the foot Shaoyang gallbladder meridian belongs to the disease area or where the foot Shaoyang gallbladder meridian passes through itching and pain, it can induce Qi to run along the foot Shaoyang gallbladder meridian. Specific operation route, with consciousness implies that Dantian has hot gas downward, through the lower abdomen, around the vagina, through the valley, to the tail lumen, that is, to open an inch and five cents to both sides along the foot bladder meridian upward, to the back neck vertebral point convergence, to the top of the head Baihui point, the lower face, to the shoulder well point, and then into the axillary three inches Yuanyuan liquid point, to the second rib stage of breast, inclined to the umbilical nine inches Zhangmen. Point, down to Huantiao Point, down to Yangling Spring on the outside of the knee through Fengshi City, up to three inches above the ankle and to Yongquan Point on the sole of the foot. Another method of treating illness and fortune in a small week does not go through the old roundabout way in a small week. Instead, it uses the idea of leading qi, straightforwardly and quickly, and goes directly to the hospital to cure illness. If this method goes along with the trend, it can get rid of the illness. If it goes against the trend, it will become self-defeating and increase the illness. Whether it’s sitting in silence or taking breath, Zhou Tian’s luck or treating illness by luck, we must calm down the abdomen before we receive success, then open our eyes slightly, stretch our hands and feet slightly, and move slowly; don’t rush, then massage Bahui Point to assist Zhou Tian’s lack of luck.

Use case step

Bahui Point refers to eight gathering points such as zang-fu, qi, blood, tendons, veins, bones and marrow. These eight gathering points are Zanghui Zhangmen, Fuhui Zhongwan, Qihui Yinzhong, Xuehui Geshu, Jinhui Yanglingquan, Maihui Taiyuan, Gudaiyu and Suihui Jugu (see Acupuncture and Moxibustion Books for acupoints). The method is to rub hot fingers, hold acupoints, and rub them slowly until they are hot, or rub them 36 times. Luck can be used to treat illness according to the condition of the acupoint selection. If stomach disease belongs to the fu, Fu Hui Zhongwan, that is, rubbing Zhongwan acupoint to heat, or 36 times. Lung disease belongs to Qi, Qi will massage the middle points, that is, rubbing the middle points. Liver disease belongs to viscera, viscera will Zhangmen, rubbing Zhangmen acupoints, and so on. In addition, there are eight other acupoints can be rubbed: 1, thumb back to wipe eyes to heart fire; 2, thumb rubbing nose and lungs; 3, thumb and forefinger rubbing ears and kidney; 4, left and right palms rubbing face and spleen; 5, hands covering ears, tinnitus, heaven drum and clear head; 6, left and right hand rubbing jade pillow Guan to treat nervous decline; 7, left and right palms rubbing waist and eye to treat low back pain, 8, rubbing left and right foot heart to treat hypertension and insomnia. Finally, shake the whole body with your hands around your shoulders to make the air and blood flow through. Such exercises can be done once a day in the morning and once in the evening, or once in the morning and once in the evening, for 40-60 minutes at a time.