What’s the difference between small zhou tian and big zhou tian in chinese chi?

Small Zhou Tian: The original meaning is that the earth rotates around the clock for a week; after that, it is used by Nei Dan’s skill to describe the internal Qi circulating along the Ren and Du meridians in the body for a week, that is, the internal Qi starts from Xia Dan Tian, passes through perineum, through anus, opens three passes along the vertebral Du meridians: tail lug, Jiaji and jade pill, then goes to the top of the head and mud pills, and then separates the two ears and cheeks. And down to the tip of the tongue.

Big Zhou Tian: Ancient Taoist terminology, referring to the earth revolving around the sun. Dazhou Tian is the second stage of Neidan Wugong, one of the main schools of Qigong in ancient times, that is, the process of practicing the spirit of Qigong. It is based on the small week stage.

Extended information:

1. Compared with the small week day, the small week day is marked by the opening of Ren Du’s two veins. On this basis, we practice Kung Fu again. The sense of Qi slowly disappears and the idea slowly lightens, so that we can enter the quiet state of inaction at the primary level.

2. Xiao Zhou Tian means that the internal Qi starts from Xia Dantian, goes up against the Du vein and goes down along Ren vein, goes through three passes: tail collar, Jiaji and jade pillow, upper, middle and lower Sandantian and upper and lower Queqiao, upper Queqiao is in Yintang, nostril, lower Queqiao is in perineum and valley).

3. After Xiao Zhou Tian’s access, the disease can be treated by this method. However, the relationship between the focus of the disease area and twelve meridians and eight odd meridians needs to be clarified beforehand. Then the Qi can be guided to run along the meridians, and the Qi attack ward can achieve the expected results.

4. Whether it’s sitting in silence, Tuina, Zhou Tian Luck or Luck for treatment of illness, you must calm your belly before you receive success, then open your eyes slightly, stretch your hands and feet slightly, and move slowly. Don’t rush, then massage Bahui Point to assist Zhou Tian’s lack of luck.