18 Tips for Qigong Practice

Qigong is a method of breathing and vomiting, a mode of consciousness, a movement guided by internal Qi and coordinated with the body. The definition of Qigong can be compressed into six words: breathing, consciousness and guidance. Qi function can strengthen the body and cure disease relatively.

(1) Seeking Qi First with Yinqiao acupoint

The meaning of this sentence is: Qi is born on stilts. It is easy to induce internal Qi if you shine on the shadows under the divine light. Yinqiao is one of the eight channels. As far as the eight channels of Qijing are concerned, the eight channels of Yinqiao are connected, and the eight channels of Qijing are all connected. The Yinqiao is located at the perineal point, which is the key point for gas recovery. Yinqiao pulse, on the clay pill palace, down through the fountain, the gathering and dispersing of true Qi are the key. Those who get it are lightweight, resilient, muddleheaded and intoxicated. If it’s just for the sake of getting angry, it’s a simple way to guard the shadows.

(2) The upper jaw of the lingual column

Generally speaking, the tongue is mostly “against” the upper jaw, and some say that the tip of the tongue gently against the upper gingiva. The purpose of this method is to connect the two veins of governor and produce body fluid. From my empirical results, if the tip of the tongue touches the upper jaw or the gum, the effect of oral fluid is not obvious. When looking up the relevant historical data, it is said that “the upper jaw of the tongue pillar” and emphasizes “gradually plugging the throat” which means that in the process of contacting the tongue with the upper jaw, it should hold the upper jaw like a pillar, and the tip of the tongue should gradually move towards the end of the soft palate, close to the part of the throat, and finally settle here. With this method of practice, although the tongue is somewhat unnatural at first, it quickly adapts, and body fluid can appear more obviously. If we cooperate with Shengjin, the effect of Shengjin will be more obvious. A method in the early training, whether there is body fluid production, is an important symbol of merit and demerit.

Besides, look at Xuan Ying. Xuanyin is an acupoint in the middle of sublingual lingual frenulum, which is located in the middle of two acupoints of sublingual Yuye and Jinjin. In some acupuncture books, Xuan Yin’s acupoints are marked Haiquan. Xuanyao point is the source of the sea and sublimation of body fluid. If we can look at Xuanyao with inner vision, we can absorb essence naturally. Gold liquid and jade liquid are not only an effective phenomenon in practicing gong, but also a great medicine. After swallowing and irrigating the whole body, they have a good effect on eliminating disease, keeping fit and nourishing the body. Those students who are unable to practice their skills often have dry tongue and straight tongue. After taking the method of looking at Xuanxue, this problem will be solved.

(3) Form, integrity and smoothness

In practice, the basic requirements of adjusting body are: “regular regular body looseness”, “irregular shape gas is not smooth, and gas is not smooth, but it is not smooth.” Form is regular, static is supreme, inclusive of the universe, while movement is overwhelming. Many people don’t pay attention to this problem when practicing, so they tend to make a big mistake when they cross the ridge all week. In practice, from the tail to the ridge, there are often divergences. Ancient people called them “cross street”, and there will be fierce personality, even nonsense, singing the world’s greatest ability, nonsense, leading to disillusionment and discarding of previous achievements. Therefore, we must pay attention to shape, specifically, when adjusting our body, we should pull out the back with the chest, pull out every bone joint, hang the head over the top, as if the head is in the sky, the body is in the air, and then slightly forward collapse of the pelvis and tail vertebra. If you are sitting cross-legged, you need a pad 10 centimeters thick under your buttocks to ensure your integrity. If you are sitting on a chair, you should sit forward and only sit on the edge of the chair, then you can pull up your body.

(4) Illegal Acts, Smiling

Every skill of Zhonggong requires a smile when practicing. Laughter has three special effects on exercise.

First, laughter is the best way to relax. When people laugh, their jaws move down. The downward movement of this part is the key to relaxation. On the contrary, clenching teeth means tension, which is harmful to health. There is no better way to relax a person from tension than to laugh.

Secondly, laughter is the way to enter the mindless state. When people laugh, their brains are blank.

Thirdly, laughter is a secret method to improve the anal contraction of the kidney. When people laugh, there is a distinct sense of anal contraction of the kidney, as if the whole body has an upward abdominal force. It can promote blood circulation, prevent venous congestion and enhance the resistance of anus. It has obvious therapeutic effect on hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal prolapse, constipation, gynecological diseases and urinary system diseases.

Smile every day, exercise around the kidney muscles, will make the whole pelvic become flexible, conducive to the blood supply of the genitals. Keeping the exuberant activity of the external kidney and the internal kidney will make the whole body stronger and the life span will be prolonged naturally.

(5) Looking back on insight and abstaining from corruption and insight

Many scholars know that they intend to keep Dantian, but they do not know that the word “intend to keep” actually means to use their eyes to look inside. Internal vision is the combination of eyes and ideas, and then, where you want to see, which point you want to see.

Looking back and looking inside is the only way to high-level practice. Blind practitioners do not know the mystery. They regard the light they see outside as a magical thing. They are eager to practice, but they do not use their time to look inside. The high level of Qigong practice is the sun-rising god, which is made of the light tyre, which is also called the “Tao tyre” by the ancients. It is expressed in the form of light. And this kind of light is an internal light, an energy. This kind of light must be produced by the intersection of mind and gas to produce this kind of light. So, looking back inside is not only a matter of looking inside, but also bringing your consciousness and idea to the corresponding acupoints. Li Shizhen once said, “Inner Tunnel is only observed by visitors.” There is no endoscopic function without looking back. Without endoscopic function, it is difficult to understand the meridians and acupoints of the human body. “If the doctor does not know the meridians, he is wrong when he opens his mouth.” More importantly, it is difficult to reach the other shore without entering a high level. So the ancients said, “The other shore is not far away, the return of light is both.” As long as the guard, grasp the back view, you can quickly appear light sense, you can step up to ask Austria. Without looking back and looking inside, it is also very difficult for the heavenly eye function to appear.

The function of binocular vision is determined by the physiological mechanism of binocular vision in human body. “Machine in the eye”, “God of man, in the eye”. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the essence of the five zang organs is all in the eye. In practice, no matter whether to take, coitus, cook, bathe, warm, raise, and have a fetus, it depends on the divine light of both eyes.

The greedier you look at the outside light before your eyes. The more you look at the light and appreciate the washing light, the more your spirit will be consumed. After practicing, the eyes are not glowing and clear, but dim, blurred and flawed.

(6) There must be Zen in sitting for a long time.

Many of our classmates can’t sit still. After sitting for an hour or so, you can’t practice any more. This state of mind is harder to settle down and enlighten. Note: As long as you can sit down and relax, you will be able to enter Ding Sheng Hui in a certain time. The Qi machine will start from the slightest point, stop at all times, and the truth will come true. All kinds of real opportunities and realms, such as Xuanhuan and Xuanguan, have to sit for a long time before they appear. If you don’t finish, you’ll give up on the way to practice.

(7) The way to build a foundation and distinguish between empty orifices

The acupoints and orifices of the human body are the latent parts of the special functions of the human body and the rehabilitation centers of the various intersecting systems of the human body. Whether it is to seek fitness effect or to develop human potential, we must know that only through specific acupoints and related practices can we get it. Therefore, in practicing gong, we should not only understand the law, but also the acupoints of the human body. There are different choices of acupoints for different skills. If the acupoints are misused, the purpose of practice will not be achieved.

When the acupoints are located accurately, there will be special pleasure and feeling of each acupoint. Traditional Neidan Gong emphasizes that the first element of Neidan’s practice is to distinguish the tripod. It requires practitioners to understand the key points and tricks of Neidan Gong and take this as the first step in building a foundation.

Following Dantian acupoint as an example, it has dozens of statements, and out of the list of well-known families, there are dozens, such as one inch two, one inch three, three in the umbilical cord, three in the umbilical cord, three in the umbilical cord, seven in the umbilical cord, one inch two under the umbilical cord, two inches four under the umbilical cord, four fingers Guanyuan under the umbilical cord, as well as perineum and Yongquan. Lifegate, between the kidneys and so on. Which one is right?

From the use of Xiadantan Tiao, it can be divided into body-building, medical Tiao-keeping parts and Tiao-keeping parts of practicing Neidan. The key points of fitness and medical treatment are just for gathering gas and generating energy, unblocking channels and collaterals, balancing Yin and Yang, and achieving the goal of eliminating diseases and keeping fit. In this way, it is not necessary to follow Dantian’s specific position carefully and use the fuzzy theory, which is more conducive to practitioners’ seemingly non-compliance, avoiding rigid adherence and easy to learn and practice. From the point of view of practicing Neidan, we must define the specific position of Dantian, because practicing Neidan must follow a strict degree, choose the best route and the most prone place to produce the life energy of bloodletting, child rearing, and trance. Otherwise, although it has energy, it is impossible to practice the medicine which is not needed for alchemy, or because of its remote position and special function, but it is not convenient to start or push on the shortest route and part of consumption, and it will be difficult to succeed because of its large consumption.
The naming of Xia Dantian is the effect and purpose of basic practice, not the mistake of location. Everyone’s specific situation is different, the skills they have learned are different, and they will naturally have different feelings. From a longitudinal area along the Ren meridian of the navel, any part of the navel can be blocked, but the Three Acupoints of the navel, Guanyuan and Youqiao have the strongest sense of breath, and the comprehensive efficiency of the navel is the best in these three parts. Lieutenant Chi Jing did the practice of needling Dantian in Practice Research of Dantian Location Detection. Acupuncture of Shenjue (navel) can lead to a radial sensing route that follows Renren, surrounds Shenjue, Mingmen and obliquely moves toward chest and abdomen, while acupuncture of Qihai, Guanyuan and Yinqiao has no similar effect. So Xia Dantian is located in the navel, which is the best orifice.

And the navel is divided into two inches, three to seven, or the middle of the two kidneys. In my empirical practice, the body cavity is the strongest in the front and back of the spine, slightly below the middle of the three to seven, and two kidneys. The ancients called this part Mingmen, which is not Mingmen Point. It is invisible, living in the body, is the midpoint, pole and center of gravity of the whole body. This part is where Xiadantan is located in Zhonggong Xiuxiu. If you look for this part, you can feel the midpoint of your whole body with your mind after your body is upright and relaxed. The tongue can be slowly sliding in the mouth, the mouth as abdominal cavity, with the tongue to slide detection, and then experience that midpoint. The tongue is like a mouse looking for objects on the screen. If you find that point, the tongue will feel and be there.

Why do you choose this skill as your starting point for practice? What are its benefits? We will elaborate on the eighth question.

(8) Intention to keep the secret of Dantian

Xia Dantian refers to the life gate, also known as the acupoint, in front of the back ridge of the umbilical cord, which is an empty cavity.

Let’s first look at the anatomical location of Dantian’s biology. The layered space of the body cavity of Xiadantan is left and right ureters; the left and right sides are kidneys and adrenal glands, and then the upper left side is stomach and spleen, and the upper right side is liver and gallbladder; the lower right side is small intestine; the lower bladder is bladder; the lower bladder is testis and epididymis; the balanced position of the body cavity of Xiadantan is transverse colon, and the upper umbilical point is pancreas. Zang, the lower left is the descending colon, the lower right is the ascending colon, and the duodenum passes through the right side of this orifice point longitudinally; the forward stratification space is the intersection of artery and vein, and the posterior stratification space of Xiadantan is the position of solar plexus and gonadal nerve; the last stratification space is the lumbar vertebra, and the lower part is the pelvis.

Because of its special physiological and anatomical position, it is helpful to keep Dantian in mind for the internal connection of all parts and levels of the whole body, and to promote the coordinated action of all parts of the whole body, thus greatly stimulating vitality. The lower abdomen of the human body is the part of Taiji nerve plexus and gonad nerve. Many autonomic nerves of the human body are concentrated in the solar nerve plexus. It is necessary to keep Dantian under control to activate the abdominal nerve. The capillaries from the abdomen to the near waist will also be activated. In addition, the waste in the nerve endings of the Western posterior nerve will soon be discharged from the body through the liver, kidney and large intestine. It is of great significance to human body. Therefore, the site has vegetative nerve connections with the kidney, pancreas, liver and medulla oblongata in physiology. The gonads also have a chain conditioned reflex with the pituitary gland and activate the gonadal function. There are endocrine bodies such as kidney gland and gonad near Xiadantan. Therefore, keeping Xiadantan intentionally can strengthen the function of endocrine system. Especially, the gonad is stimulated by benign conditions, semen is full, function is enhanced, and human metabolism, immunity and emergency response ability are increased.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoism, Xia Dan has the closest relationship with human vitality. Xiadantan is the starting point of Ren Meridian, Du Meridian and Chong Meridian, the root of twelve Meridian, the door of breathing, the source of three energies, the hub of lifting and opening true Qi, and the place where men nourish essence and women protect their fetuses. Therefore, if we intend to keep Dantian, we can get the effect of strengthening our health, preventing and treating diseases.

The lower part of Dantian is connected to the umbilical cord (the root on which the fetus absorbs in the maternal body) and to the kidney (the base of human essence and life). If you want to stay here, you can breathe all the veins and open all the points. Respiratory exchanges enhance the vitality and mobilize the meridians, so Xiadantan is also known as Zhonggong and Qiao Points. Yuanqi accumulated in Dantian, gradually filling up, will naturally flow to all meridians and collaterals throughout the body, resulting in the phenomenon of ventilation, blood flow and free flow.
The navel, also known as the fate pedicle, also known as the syncope, is the pivot for the transformation of human energy from congenital to acquired. The navel contains the mystery of the correspondence and movement of heaven.

Xiadantan is the central part of the twelve meridians and eight odd meridians. It has the effect of activating internal Qi and penetrating the meridians, while Tong is painless.

To sum up, Xiadan is the accumulation and accumulation of vitality, the hub of life activities, and the center of human life activities. Intentionally keeping the breath of Dantian can conserve congenital vitality. Therefore, intentionally keeping Dantian can cure all diseases and strengthen Xiayuan, especially for the elderly or the broken body. Dantian can correct the phenomenon of “Shangsheng Xia Xu” and balance Yin and Yang. Because it strengthens the function of liver, it can also enhance the role of detoxification and detoxification.

Last time we mentioned that students with difficult diseases can exercise in a general way, that is, to keep their belly button. I said why keeping the belly button can cure all kinds of diseases. In this case, these are the reasons why keeping the belly button can cure all kinds of diseases. Although there have been many ways of keeping the key since ancient times, beginners do not think that keeping Dantian as the foundation.

(9) Key links, first refining energy

In the practice of Neidan, energy selection is called medicine selection, which is the key link of Qigong practice.

Taoists call it the genuine medicine. What is this real medicine? It’s spirit, spirit and spirit. Taoism believes that essence, Qi and God are the foundation of human beings. Therefore, Jing, Qi and Shen are called three treasures, which are specifically divided into acquired three treasures and congenital three treasures.

The acquired three treasures include acquired essence, acquired vitality and acquired god. The acquired God refers to the God of thinking strategy, also known as the God of understanding, which is not only man’s thinking consciousness.

The congenital three treasures include the congenital essence, the congenital weather and the congenital god. Congenital essence is the essence. When the practice of Qigong reaches meditation, the external Yang Ju is called Living Son, and the essence produced by the human body in Living Son is the innate essence. Exquisite refined gas refers to this essence. Innate essence can prolong life. Congenital Qi refers to Qi, which is born from the embryo and is brought into the body by the mother through the umbilical cord. Also known as the Qi of Zhenyang. First, the weather usually distributes around people, not to be noticed, not to mention seen. After the appearance of endoscopy, you can see a yellow air mass in Dantian, which is congenital gas. When practicing Kung, Dantian is warm and warm, which is the scene of congenital Qi. Only when minds intersect with innate Qi can we get rid of Dan. Congenital God refers to the primordial god. The quiet is the primordial god, and the moving is the knowing god.

Qigong practice, in theory, is to cultivate the innate essence, Qi and spirit, but starting from the acquired essence, qi, spirit, and innate cultivation. As for how the acquired essence, Qi and Shen are refined, how the congenital essence, Qi and Shen are transported and collected, there are specific skills.

(10) Respiration and breathing in Dantian

Breathing is called “open fire” in the traditional practice of inner alchemy, which requires the practitioner to pay attention to the idea and breathing skills, also known as breathing adjustment, that is, to regulate the temperature. The purpose of mediation is to get truth. And the first effort to find the truth is Dantian breathing.

Dantian’s method of breathing is that the lower abdomen expands in all directions when inhaling, and feels that the lower abdomen is compressed from four outwards to one inward when exhaling. When inhaling, the area of expansion should be within half a meter, and the whole stomach is breathing. Dantian breathing should be as deep as possible, while breathing should be fine, soft, slow, long and even. There is a saying of deep breathing in good Qigong methods. Breathing with Dantian can not only play a similar role to keeping Dantian in mind, but also further develop into fetal breath when combined with deep breathing, which is the true phenomenon in the high-level practice of Qigong.

To improve one’s life and find health, one must start with abdominal training, which is the foundation, while keeping Dantian and Dantian breathing are the methods of abdominal training. When breathing in Dantian, rest to the umbilical cord.

(11) Concentrate on entering Ji Point

In gas gathering, the most important thing is to extract congenital gas and absorb energy from the universe. This is an important part of replenishing oneself, improving functional ability or delaying aging. Innate Qi comes from nihility. If people want to take innate Qi from outside, they must first make their soul into nihility. Only when both the body and mind of the practitioner enter the state of nihility can the energy movement in the void be activated, thus communicating the relationship between the human void and the universe, and then merging into one.

Innate Qi is ubiquitous, but if people do not enter the empty state, they can not take pictures and enter the human body. When a person enters a state of emptiness, he is congenitally unavailable. This basic principle is the same as that radio and television can quickly realize their transmission function by virtue of vacuum tubes. Only by opening their own Guan Points and entering an unknown and unknown state of obscurity can we open the human body’s Maoqiao Points, and the congenital air in the void of the universe naturally enters the human body just as water flows down.
How can we collect congenital gas? Baiyu Chan once said that “the secret of meeting teachers in the past, as long as you concentrate on entering the acupoint”, concentrate on entering the acupoint is a key to practicing Neidan. In the most refined language, it reveals the basic requirements for the practice of Neidan, the key means of performing, and the parts and routes of doing work.

If we can deeply understand the key points of entering the acupoint, it will be just around the corner. The Southern Sect, the Northern Sect and the Wuliu Sect of Taoism all emphasize this method very much. “Taoxiangji” specifically pointed out: “I don’t know how to concentrate, sitting until I die of old age.” “Guidelines of Life” points out that “when God enters the acupoints, Dandao will naturally come into being”.

The key to concentrating on entering the acupoint lies in the word “coagulation”. After concentrating on entering the acupoint, a long time will automatically produce a change from the acquired to the congenital. Concentrating on entering the acupoint roughly has these steps:
First put aside the boundaries, eliminate miscellaneous ideas, focus on the eyebrows and hearts, and then look at the nose, nose and mouth, mouth and heart under Dantian. Finally, the idea ends in Xiadan, and Qi is attributed to Xiadan.

Heart attributed to the umbilical calls concentration, Qi attributed to the umbilical calls breathing. What we need to do here is “keep quiet, keep your eyes closed” and “keep quiet”. After closing your eyes, you can add a retrospective endoscopy. The brain can eliminate misconceptions and strengthen inhibition. Ideas and insights should move down together, and God and insight are interdependent. This is conducive to cohesion, gradual income calm, into nihility, congenital incompetence, in the course of Sunday operation, condensation into Dan.
When I practice, concentration is sitting at my desk, straightening up my body, tilting the pelvis and tailbone slightly, holding my hands on the desk naturally. Whether reading or writing, as long as I set the sitting position right and shine slightly on Dantian, I naturally enter from the doors of destiny in one breath. The section from the tail rope to the doors of destiny soon seems to be in the pond. Water is filled up, sometimes cool, sometimes warm, Dantian open and close, forming a fetal state. Moreover, because of the daily adherence to the standing pile, conditioned reflex has been formed, so as long as a little thought, Zhenqi will soon enter the body.

(12) Heating is the requirement of high-level practice from beginning to end.

Both Neidanggong and Tantric practice attach great importance to the abdominal life, because only when the heat is generated, can the essence dissolve gas without heat? Only when Dantian Lifefire is ignited can the qualifications for internal refining be obtained. The fire of life in abdominal cavity is the key to Qigong practice. Cooking life energy depends on Dantian Minghuo. Many people have practiced for more than ten years, but they have not had the burning experience of Dantian. Without fire, you can’t melt Qi, which means that your Qigong practice has not been introduced yet.

Heating depends only on the mind and breathing, which occupies a more important position than breathing. The regulation of heat mainly depends on the idea. The easiest way to generate heat is to watch all kinds of fireworks burning, remember it, close your eyes and think it out, then imagine it in Xiadan, and see it burning in Xiadan. Then with breathing, when exhaling, think of blowing into the flame, so that the flame burns. In this way, there will soon be a burning feeling of Xiadan.

The sign of Dantian heat generation is:

First, there is a sense of beating in the lower abdomen.

Second, there is a sense of thermal expansion, the more expansion, the more substantial;

Third, there is a sense of upward rolling.

Fourth, there is a sense of upward swelling;

Fifth, there is a strong sense of inspiration. Opening and closing, big breathing, stronger than lung breathing. Gradually the lung breathing stops, the fetus occurs, and the whole body gradually becomes feverish and bloated. At this time, we should always relax and concentrate our thoughts on Xiadantan or lower abdomen.

Adjust the heat, all in mind. If you intend hard, you’ll get chiseled; if you intend slowly, you’ll get cold; if you want to stop it, you can just divert your attention.

13) Important points of self-cultivation

Some practitioners have mastered a lot of methods in gathering energy and nourishing Qi, but they still can’t rest, sit still, and have no functional ability. The reason is that they don’t have enough time in self-cultivation.

There are only two aspects of self-improvement:

One is the cultivation of behavior and morality, and the other is the exercise of mind.

(1) Moral cultivation of behavior

The ancients said, “Virtue is the foundation of merit”, which is reasonable. Those who are in a bad mood can’t sit still in practice. For example, he has done such things as revenge, eating inside and climbing outside, dismantling bridges across rivers, selling colleagues and acting as a spy. People who have such behavior and behavior always feel depressed and uneasy. This is not only the practice of hard work but also the short life of those who are depressed. This is also the rule. Because he is always upset, Yin and Yang imbalance. Virtue is indiscriminate, even if you take Yuye Jindan, you can not prolong your life. Those who do more unrighteousness will lose their hearts and shorten their lives.

A number of bad things, such as planting and framing, deceiving teachers and destroying ancestors, helping others to commit abuse, falling into the ground, writing tips and letters, are even more afraid of revealing their original form and being punished. This endless fear and alarm, this kind of mentality like a rat crossing the street, this bad stimulation will accumulate to form potential energy to attack him.

On the contrary, if we do more good deeds, such as helping people to benefit the world, helping others to enjoy themselves, or abiding by social morality, acting in harmony, respecting teachers, respecting the old and loving the young, as well as being brave in doing justice, daring to punish evil and promoting good, and resisting evil. Then, his usual mentality is a kind of calm. If we can get rid of the bad habits and hobbies and restrict our words and deeds according to the moral standards, there will be no annoying things interfering with him in practice. Therefore, it is impossible to practice just by learning a lot of skills and neglecting the practice of behavioral morality.

In different stages of practicing Gong, there are different requirements of doing good deeds and accumulating merits and virtues at different levels. You can cross the hierarchical requirements, do more good deeds and accumulate more merits; but you can’t do no good deeds and accumulate more merits. By October, the key stage of fetal rearing is to accumulate great merits and virtues. Don’t try to be small but not good.

I ask that all participants in the retreat should do three good deeds from August 8 to November 3, and five good deeds by the end of the year. The form is unlimited, but we should help others to the extent permitted by the law. After November 3, we should spread and cultivate the content of fitness above this level. We should make full use of the merits and virtues of fitness stage.

(2) Mental exercise

“Dan Jing” said: “Daoist people stop thinking first, the idea can not stop in vain.” “Taoxiangji” also said: “If you do not practice, you must first practice your heart. If you do not practice your heart, you will not succeed.” In order to stop thinking, we must first look at the eyes, not look askance, and not accept the information of bad mood. Taking in mind, looking back and looking inside, or using the method of putting distant voices into the bottom of the ear, can absorb mind, make oneself calm and agreeable, and enter the work state. If you can concentrate on entering the acupoint, it will be easier to recover your mind and stop at Dading.

(14) Compression power recovery method

Practice without success equals an empty game. Compression power harvesting method is a simple and effective power harvesting method. The specific training method is: the last nine breaths with exhaling pressure to Dantian, quietly observe Dantian for a moment, slowly open your eyes, slowly transfer the mind to the outside of the body, must not act suddenly at the end of the success.

(15) Standing, sitting and lying on the line without leaving this? A slight illumination

Last retreat, I saw a student ask the question: “How to persist in practicing under busy working conditions?”

In one of Zhonggong’s exercises, we introduced some all-weather exercises, such as walking, standing, sitting and lying, but not everyone got the essence of it. I think many people regard breathing as the key point of all-weather exercises.

It’s just doing something, not doing anything. Really all-weather training is very simple, that is, no matter what you do, as long as you use a little meaning and concentrate on Xiatan, you can mobilize genuine Qi, which has an indescribable magic. When slightly intentional, I feel the dense, warm and warm fields of Xiadan, which are condensed into one. Some sensitive practitioners just need to listen to me and they will react there. This method is very flexible and simple, and can be combined with life and work at any time.

(16) Exercise in motion and in silence

It is in accordance with the law of life to practice the dual repair of life in a dynamic and quiet environment. Practicality in action means receiving people and waiting for things in order to achieve courtesy, festivity, reasonableness and reasonableness. De-refining in dealing with people can be tested, which is more effective than fantasy without reality. Exercise in silence means not forgetting to look at Dantian when you are alone, keeping your spirits fresh and chic.

(17) The secret of keeping the acupoint

Here are some simple and easy methods.

(1) Beginners use simple methods to help Yishou Dantian
Beginners can use simple methods to help Yishou Dantian. If you start practicing, drink a few hours of hot tea or warm boiled water, swallow the water slowly, swallow the water from the throat, and pay attention to the feeling of Dantian in your mind, so that your abdomen will soon feel warm and dry, and you will soon have a sense of relaxation and depression. Later, if you can keep Dantian intentionally, you will put it in Dantian directly.

(2) Activating cyclone, driving cyclone and cyclone rotation
The method of driving cyclone, driving cyclone and cyclone rotation should be used.

Starting with the palm of the hand to rotate towards the lower Dantian, triggering the Dantian cyclone, hand rotation, closed eyes, but both eyes with the palm rotation, while using the idea and vision under the Dantian gas rotation. After being skilled, the Dantian cyclone was driven by the rotation of the eyes only. Once more proficient, only the idea to trigger the Dantian cyclone. After training for a period of time, the gas in Xiadan field can rotate automatically, which makes people not practice gas, but practice gas. These are starting from doing something, and gradually transiting to inaction.

(3) Concentration

It is a relatively safe and convenient way to focus on and use the two-eyed God to illuminate Dantian.
After using the method to achieve proficiency, no matter which one’s tricks are basically “don’t forget to help, it seems to be abiding by non-compliance”. The intention should not be too tight, nor should it degenerate into confusion and lethargy. Dantian is spinning in the air, virtual and flexible. Some people press their breath on Dantian after inhaling, or press their hands on Dantian, thinking that if they are satisfied, they will be angry. As a result, there is a deviation.

(18) Refrain from leaving the palace

Taoism regards essence, Qi and God as the motive force of human life and essence as the basis of life. In order to be different from the doctor’s “essence, Qi and spirit”, Taoism uses terms such as congenital essence, acquired essence, sympathetic essence and essence to give precise names. Yuanjing is invisible and embodies in Yuanqi, which is separated from Yuanqi by external induction and becomes a vapor essence. Congenital concealment in the five Zang-organs and six fu-organs, the acquired thought of a move, then become the acquired essence. The essence of Taoism seems to be equivalent to endocrine or hormone, not the essence of doctors. Yuanjing can be obtained in practice. If it is well nourished, it can be transformed into Yuanqi. The essence of intercourse is tangible, acquired, formed by influence, and the essence of acquired. Refining gas refers to refining innate essence.

The excessive desire for spirit can lead to the depletion of essence and blood, and the excessive depletion of vital energy will lead to the aging of human beings. Therefore, Taoists point out that refinement, enrichment, consolidation and even the essence should not leave the palace.

The so-called essence preservation is to prevent prostitution and abstain from leakage. Accumulate essence for life, people do not self-destructive days and years, can be from all the year round. Self-destructive days and years, the most serious than sex, sexual unrestrained. The great enemy of Tao is the color character, which is more harmful than the tiger wolf. As long as you keep the essence, you can live forever. Otherwise, what is the benefit of meditation day and night? It is not empty talk that the lamp burns out and the marrow dies.

Young and strong people should be cautioned from appearing when they are full of vigor and energy, and should not indulge in indulgence. Middle-aged and old people have already suffered from deficiency of essence and kidney, and they should keep one precept, not to leak again and again, even to the end of their marrow.

The so-called refining, one is refining, refining to refining; the other is refining, refining to refining.
The way to concentrate is to have few desires, to save labour, to calm anger, to abstain from leakage and to be cautious. Concentration is based on lack of desire. Concentration should avoid alcohol. Light food can nourish essence and prolong life.

Picking and tonifying refers to the time when the body is itchy and happy when the son is alive and the sun rises. At this time, we should catch it in time, lift anus and shrink kidney, extract it, and sublimate it along the Ren Du’s two veins. Taoists call it Jinghua Qi, which is also called medicine. When the medicinal governor veins ascend gradually to the Niwangong on the top of the head, they stop for a short time and call it “Gold Retaining from Mines”. Then they descend from the top of the head along the two veins of the governor and turn to Xiadan to accumulate, which is to collect and replenish.

The so-called “solid essence” is also called “no leakage method”. After middle age, a man’s body has been broken. On the basis of practicing the method of keeping and repairing the essence, we should also take “no omission” as the second step. Leakage is also divided into: the essence of the conjunction does not leak, the breath does not hurt, the God of thought does not use, called leak-free, but also fixed foreign medicine. The essence of innate medicine does not leak, innate gas does not hurt, innate God does not use, called internal medicine does not leak, also called internal medicine. Can achieve all leak, also known as leak-free body, childlike body, the whole body.

Where men and women hand over, will disturb their kidneys, kidney movement will be accompanied by leakage of qi, although there is no leakage, but the sperm has left the uterus. Even those who can be tough must have their precise points flowing out with the withering of the sun. The acquired sperm comes into being as soon as it is read and moved the day after tomorrow. The kidney is disturbed by it and the sperm has left the uterus.

It is very difficult for modern people to do this, so we should adopt the following methods to make up and control it.

(1) Take a life style to avoid spermatorrhea, the specific approach is, do not lie on your back while sleeping, it is easy to leak sperm on your back; sleep without too thick quilt, too hot, it is easy to spermatorrhea; underwear should not be too tight, overheated, do not walk after drinking, do not walk when your body is tired… These are easy conditions for ejaculation.

(2) We should understand fundamentally what the relationship between essence and life is, and grasp the methods of preserving essence, supplementing essence and consolidating essence. Otherwise, no matter how empty talk about morality, it will be difficult to violate human nature.

(3) Sexual life should be controlled. Every time after ejaculation, the next day we should collect energy and supplement gas in time. Even after ejaculation, we should collect and supplement congenital gas in time. You can use your hand to rotate the gas gathering in the upper part of Dantian, or invite a female companion to supplement it.

(4) Both husband and wife learn to practice Qigong, both of them know the reason, and then work out the rules of life that both of them abide by together. In this way, as ordinary people, although they can’t miss all the points, they can do the other five points as well.

This time, we gather gas to nourish gas and build our own foundations, which are not usually so deep, or can not be fully talked about, after summarizing, we have taught the students. Qigong practice is different from Wushu. Wushu is “practicing one skill a day, not ten days’relaxation a day”, while Qigong practice, the growth of functional ability in addition to their own efforts, sometimes rely on broken window paper. Those who have listened to this lesson today can avoid many detours and save a lot of precious time. One step will lead to the next stage. In fact, this is already prolonging life.


The above information is for reference only. If you want to practice according to it, don’t think twice. There are many ways of retreat, so in summary, we should put aside all the reasons and raise them wholeheartedly. In fact, this is already prolonging life.

Having mastered these eighteen secrets, you can enter and keep them at your ease. If we grasp the content of life-long practice only for health and longevity, we can master these methods, and all kinds of diseases will be cured naturally. If you want to go further, the Eighteen Secrets of Retreat is also a step forward. It is not only the foundation, but also an essential element for your future practice. It is hoped that the Eighteen Secrets of Restoration will play a role in eliminating diseases, keeping fit, prolonging life and further exploring the mysteries of human body.