Small Circle Operation – Chinese Chi

Small Circle Operation, also known as “Zhou Tian Handling Method”, “Nei Dan Shu”, “Ren Xiangong” and so on. It is a great way to develop potentiality, acquire Taoism and become immortal, and keep it secret.

In ancient times, people regarded the celestial body as a circle and divided it into 365 degrees to observe. It is believed that there is a belt in the center of a circular object, called the Zodiac Belt. The celestial body revolves around the Zodiac Belt for a week. There are nine planets in the solar system, which revolve around the sun for a week. In Taoism’s research on human body and its practice of experimentation and empirical practice, we find that there are 365 acupoints in human body, which coincide with the 365 degrees of celestial body. The nine main acupoints distributed on Ren Du’s veins of upper body coincide with the nine planets of the solar system. It is believed that the celestial body is an enlarged body and the human body is a condensed body. On this basis, the viewpoint and theory of the unity of man and nature are put forward. When practicing human body, Taoists believe that a circle of internal Qi around 365 acupoints in the whole body equals a big week; a circle of internal Qi around nine main acupoints on Ren Du’s veins in the upper body equals a small week, which is the source of the theory of Da, Xiao and Zhou Tiangong. As for “internal alchemy”, it is relative to “external alchemy”. In order to pursue longevity and immortality, the ancient emperors recruited and employed some alchemists and magicians to refine Jindan with lead, mercury and sulfur as the main raw materials. However, because of the toxicity of the so-called “Jindan” refined with this kind of raw material, the users can not prolong their life, but lose their lives because of poisoning, which makes the dream of becoming immortal come to naught. Therefore, Waidanshu suffers serious setbacks and has been depressed ever since. In the Northern Song Dynasty, Zhang Boduan, the first of the five ancestors of the Southern Sect of Taoism, named Ziyang, was the founder of Danshu in Dazhou and Xiaozhou days. The so-called internal alchemy refers to the human body through certain methods, techniques and routine steps, carrying out Qigong exercises in large and small, weekly, to open the channels blocked by the whole body, so as to smooth their Qi and blood, smooth channels and collaterals, in order to achieve the purpose of disease elimination, fitness and longevity. On this basis, through further refinement, the air mass can be condensed into a “Dan” in Xiadan field. This Dan is visible to those who have the functions of perspective and endoscopy. With “Jindan”, it is equivalent to storing a nuclear reactor in the human body. Although Jindan is small and energy-intensive, it can be mobilized with people’s ideas, and can inspire air at any time to break through the blocked meridians in any part of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases, strengthening the body and activating the various special functions inherent in the human body and hidden in the depth of consciousness. Ancient Taoists in China divided the successful people into three levels and levels, namely, celestial beings, earthly immortals and human immortals. The so-called heavenly immortals refer to the highest practitioners who have acquired the Tao and achieved the unity of heaven, earth and man, such as Laojun, Buddha, etc. They are the highest level immortal Buddhas who have separated themselves from the three boundaries and are not in the five elements. The so-called earth immortals refer to those who are slightly lower than the position of the heavenly immortals, but who are also successful in cultivation and have a wide range of supernatural powers. The so-called immortals refer to the practitioners who are under the immortals and earthly immortals and above ordinary people. Therefore, the practice of Xiao Zhou Tian is not only a great magic method for eliminating disease and keeping fit, prolonging life, developing wisdom and potential, but also the only way for people to pursue great liberation, great liberation, Buddha and immortality, and sage.

Because the human brain, face and viscera are located in the upper half of the human body, so practicing Xiao Zhou Tiangong method, guiding his true Qi around the upper half of the body with ideas, and constantly stimulating many acupoints and heads located on Ren Du’s two veins will inevitably play a good role in human health and wisdom. The following is a brief introduction to the practice methods and matters needing attention of Xiaozhou Tiangong Method.

First, the practice of Xiao Zhou Tiangong:

The nine main acupoints distributed on Ren Du’s two veins in the upper body of the human body are: Xia Dantian (around the god’s Queen and belly navel), perineum (between the front and back Yin), tail collar, life gate, Dazhui, jade pillow, Baihui (central depression on on the top of the head), Shang Dantian (between Yintang and two eyebrows), and mid-mastoid (central position between the two breasts). On the basis of familiarizing with and remembering the specific parts of the above nine acupoints, the practice of Xiaozhou Tiangong method can be carried out at any time when sitting, lying or standing quietly without distraction of minds and quiet environment. The specific method is: overlapping hands (male left hand inside, female conversely), Laogong acupoint gently stick to the lower Dantian. Close your eyes and relax your whole body. The idea of their lower abdomen (lower Dantian) has a ball of fire burning in the flames, red and shining, lower Dantian slowly warm feeling, and then guided by the idea and feel the warm feeling at will to walk down to the perineum (front and back of the middle part of the vagina). After a slight pause, when warm or numb, distension, jump and other sensations occur in the perineum, then use the idea to add visualization, leading to warm or numb, distension, jump to the caudate. With the above method, press Dantian perineum tail collar life gate Dazhui Yuzhui Baihui Shangdan Jinzhong, and finally return to the order and route of Xiadan, revolving around the two veins of the governor of the upper body for a week.

II. Auxiliary Work Method

1. Regular whole-body beating from head to foot, from top to bottom, can activate blood circulation and dredge collaterals, enhance sensitivity and efficacy. When patting, it is advisable to curl up five fingers into a hollow palm.

2. In daily work and life, as long as conditions permit, try to overlap both hands (male left hand inside, right hand outside, female conversely), lightly stick to Xiadantan, to nourish the spirit of Dantian.

3. Tai Chi Handprint Energy Collection Method: Five fingers of both hands are slightly curled up into a semi-circle shape. Men’s left and right hands overlap. The left thumb and the other four fingers are folded together. Gently press the right thumb and the other four fingers (female conversely), that is, the semi-circle Yin-Yang Tai Handprint. Then, put the fingerprint in Xiadantan, relax all over, close your eyes slightly, and visualize the light, electricity, sound, energy, gas in the universe and all kinds of super energy that you need. Clockwise (female counterclockwise) it rotates from the circular hole of the Taijitu fingerprint and continuously converges into the abdomen. Carefully experience the feeling of energy and air flow entering Xiadan through fingerprints. As long as you relax and let nature take its course, there will be obvious changes slowly. This is the secret of fast acquisition of cosmic superpower. When you feel that Xia Dan Tian is full of energy, you can overlap your hands, warm up for a moment, concentrate on the air cavity, add ideas to make it condense and store it in Dantian.

4. When conditions permit, stand loosely against the prominent corners, and strike the spine against the prominent corners, from light to heavy, so as to be able to endure pain. Because many acupoints on the spine correspond to viscera, long-term impact is not only equal to regular massage of viscera, which is conducive to the strengthening of the functions of five viscera and six viscera, but also plays a very good role in promoting the circulation of small-week weather paths.

5. Make use of spare time to gather more natural gas in temples, ancient buildings, places of interest and historic interest, ancient graves of large families in the past, and beautiful scenery. Gas production method: stand quietly, eyes closed, intend to integrate with the world and the local environment, the universe and surrounding gas surround themselves. Meditate “I am in the air, Qi is in me, heaven and man are one, man and heaven are in harmony”. Or put Taiji fingerprints in Dantian, close your eyes and imagine that the source of real universe gas keeps swirling into your lower abdomen. After feeling the belly swelling, you can breathe for a moment.

6. Rub your hands: stand and sit, relax, close your eyes slightly, face to face, quickly rub your hands to extreme heat. Normal blood pressure, fingertips parallel forward; high blood pressure, fingertips down; low blood pressure, fingertips up. While rubbing, add the idea of “gather energy for my use”. (2) Dry cleansing: scrub the face with hot hands. Start with the lower jaw at the same time, rub them up along the cheeks and up through the nose alar to the forehead, then down to the lower jaw for one time, so many times. While rubbing, I think “skin is delicate, complexion is ruddy, wrinkles are stretched, youth is permanent”. (3) Dry combing: hands 10 fingers open, half-grip like a comb, from the frontal hairline back repeatedly combed many times. While combing, I think “white hair turns black, thin hair turns thick, no itching, no hair loss, full of beautiful hair”. (4) Clap the head: Ten fingers of both hands curled up slightly, clasped into hollow palms, from the forehead up to the back of the brain in turn, from light to heavy, to be able to endure as a degree, and finally clapped the face. While patting, I want to “smooth channels and channels, develop potential”. _Ear rubbing: hands thumb and index finger respectively knead two ears, from top to bottom, from light to heavy, to the lobe when pulling down. The ear corresponds to the whole body. The pain points on the ear can be kneaded repeatedly until the pain disappears. While kneading and kneading, I want to “regulate the whole body, strengthen the kidney and consolidate the root”. Kowtow: The upper and lower teeth are opposite, 36 times. While kowtowing, I want to “seize the meridians and regulate the whole body”. Then, the saliva was divided into three mouths and swallowed in Dantian. Then, the saliva was deeply inhaled and stored in Dantian. The saliva was nourished for a moment and the success was achieved. This assistant method can be used as a method of finishing exercises at the end of a small week’s day, or as a separate method of doing exercises.

3. Notes:

1. The posture of practice can be mastered flexibly, but the premise of entering the posture of work is that the body and mind must be relaxed in an all-round way. If you are too tired, upset, anxious or upset, you can’t practice reluctantly and overcome your eagerness to succeed. Otherwise, it will backfire.

2. During the training period, besides maintaining a good mentality, the best diet is light vegetarian food, and try not to eat meat fishy and irritating food.

3. Because of the different sensitivities of each person’s wisdom roots and meridians, the sensations and effects obtained in practice will be different and different, but as long as we persevere, we can finally achieve positive results.

4. The number of turns per practice should be 36, 49, 72 and 108. If time is sufficient, you can continue to practice. If something has to stop, you’d better introduce Qi into Xiadan and rest for a while before ending. In retreat, imagine that the air-light can rotate clockwise (female counterclockwise) at high speed in Xiadan field, from large to small, and finally assemble into a pellet-sized Jindan and store it in the lower abdomen.

5. It’s better to loosen the belt and buckle before practicing, and pull out the back and chest. Baihui Point is vertical up and down with Huiyin Point. If sitting posture is adopted, do not press the perineal Point.

6. At the beginning of practice, it will feel like a stream of air running along the two veins of Rendu, like ants and insects crawling, if it is not, if it is hidden. With the deepening of the degree, the air flow will gradually change from thin to wide, from weak to strong, but whether it is obvious or not, everything will follow its course.

7. In practice, if there is pain, itching, chest tightness, suffocation, dizziness or disorderly movement of qi, the reasons are the lesion of Qi flushing and the obstruction of Qi path. The way to deal with it is to continue to relax the body and mind and let the Qi return to its place. The second way is to slap the part of the depression from light to heavy.

8. In ancient times, when people practiced the Xiaozhou Tiangong method, they said to build a foundation for a hundred days and alleviate gas accumulation. Mainly refers to the phenomenon that the air flow is blocked when it reaches a certain acupoint and cannot pass the examination. The corresponding parts can be kneaded, massaged and patted to promote and accelerate the passage of Zhenqi. Or intentionally inspire, hold back breath to rush through the customs.

9. The best time to practice small Sundays is the first, fifteenth and twenty-fourth solar terms of the lunar month and other important festivals, such as National Day and Christmas. Every night at midnight (11:00 to 1:00 a.m.) is the time when the sun is born, and the night is dark, many monks and virtues will take this time as the best time to practice. Therefore, when facing the East, the best way to practice is to sit in a humble position.

10. Xiao Zhou Tian’s handling method does not contradict and conflict with any other skill of strengthening body and developing wisdom. While practicing other skills, you can practise this method.

11. Because of the differences in physical quality, meridian types, understanding of meridians and methods, as well as in mind and comprehension, some people may experience lightning-like light in their brains, or images of immortals and Buddhas, or suddenly see their internal organs, bones, or hear certain words and other sounds. No matter what happens, it is a normal phenomenon. The only correct way is not to pursue, not to nostalgia, not to be surprised, not to be afraid, everything is natural.

12. In practice, we can apply different ideas according to our own physical conditions and seasonal changes. For example, in the hot summer, you can imagine a clear and transparent spring flowing along the two veins of the governor. When it’s cold in winter, you can imagine a burning charcoal fire rising in your abdomen. Or where there is a blockade, imagine using a deafening thunderbolt, blow it off at once, and so on. In a word, law has no definite law, insight is law and flexible application is law.

13. Bengong is the idea of Zhou Tian. With the deepening of training, conditioned reflex can be produced, and the meridians and collaterals can rotate automatically along the Ren Du two veins.

14. Small Weekly Handling Method is the basic skill for practicing big Weekday. Therefore, good practice of small Weekday can not only play a great role in prolonging life and developing potential abilities of oneself, but also lay a good and stable foundation for entering a higher level of practice.

15. The Xiao Zhou Tian Handling Method belongs to the practice of keeping secret in ancient times. Many masters are reluctant to teach their disciples specific methods of practice until their deathbed. Accordingly, we can see its precious degree. Although modern society is a society of reform and opening up, those who are destined to get this law should also pay more attention to and cherish it.

Here is a Description for  enhancing the effect of Zhou Tian Method :

Red ginseng 4g, deer antler 3g, snow lotus 30g, saffron 5g, Polygonum multiflorum 30g. Put the medicine into the wine jar, seal the mouth, bury it underground for 30 days and take it out. Take one or two pills a day before breakfast, or nine grams of heavy honey pills in the morning and one in the evening. After 49 days of taking medicine, the Qiluo of the twelve meridians and the eight odd meridians opened up, forming a regular natural course of action, not invading all diseases, doubling strength and walking like the wind.