Learn Qigong for five minutes and use it for life

People often ask me how to practice Qigong. Because my leg disease, lumbar discomfort disease and cervical spondylosis are cured by Qigong. My leg disease has been paralyzed in bed when it is serious. Even doctors think that there is no possibility to cure it. Finally, they cured it by self-training Qigong with willpower and perseverance. Why is Qigong so godly? According to the summary of the ancients, “Qi is the root of human beings”, “Biochemical way is based on Qi, which is the basis of all things in the world”, “Qi” is the basis of human beings and all life, and “Qi is the peace of human beings, disorder is the disease of human beings, and dispersal of Qi is the death of human beings.

In most people’s minds, practicing Qigong is a very mysterious and complicated thing. Without the guidance of the master, it is likely to go astray, go into the devil and damage the body. In fact, practicing Qigong is very simple, far less complicated and mysterious than ordinary people imagine. I just download the information online, so that I can communicate without teachers. There are many kinds of Qigong, but no matter which method, the basic essentials of practicing Qigong are the same.

Next, based on my own experience, I will introduce a simple and feasible method to those who are interested in practicing.

At the beginning of learning and practicing, it is better to choose a quiet place to let oneself enter a quiet state. In Buddhism, it is called “quiet”. Beginners are easy to be influenced by the outside world. When they see beautiful, delicious and pleasant sounds, they are easy to imagine. Therefore, it is better to choose a place where there is no one. Of course, a certain degree of practice, deep skills, and complex environment, can quickly calm down, but it is difficult for beginners to do this.

To sum up, practicing Qigong is actually “three tones”: adjusting body, adjusting breath and adjusting heart. Harmony means adjustment. What is a body change? It’s about relaxing your body, not stressing, and keeping your breath flowing. When practicing, you can sit, stand, walk, even sleep in bed and lie down. Posture can be unconventional, but to be comfortable and natural, we can not make ourselves feel uncomfortable, so-called “irregular shape, irregular qi, irregular intentional restlessness”. At the beginning of school, it is suggested to sit or lie down, because it is difficult to relax and concentrate while walking. Besides, there is a saying in practicing Qigong, which means that when the body is in a static state, the effect of practicing Qigong will be better.

What is breathing adjustment? Breathing is breathing. Breathing is breathing. Breathing is adjusting one’s breathing. Adults usually breathe between 13 and 20 times per minute, but when practicing, they can’t breathe so fast. They should reduce the frequency of breathing to about 6 times per minute. They should breathe long, slow and even. Some master Qigong can be reduced to 1-2 times per minute. After a period of practice, it can be reduced to 3-4 times.

There are many breathing methods for practicing gong, but the most commonly used are two. One is natural breathing, which is to breathe with the lungs as usual. The second is abdominal breathing, which uses abdominal breathing to gather air in the abdomen. You can try it, inhale slowly with the abdomen, inhale to a certain extent, abdominal bulge, then slowly spit out, abdominal contraction.

What is mediation? Mindfulness is to adjust one’s heart and guide the movement of air flow through one’s mind in one’s body. Westerners translate Qigong into deep breathing, right? As far as the way of breathing is concerned, Qigong is actually deep breathing, but unlike deep breathing, Qigong must rely on the guidance of ideas, without the guidance of ideas, Qigong can not play a role.

We often say that we should stick to Dantian when practicing kung fu. What is abiding by? The so-called idea of keeping is to concentrate the idea in a certain place when breathing. The idea of keeping Dantian is to concentrate the idea in Dantian. Where is Dantian? Dantian is the area under the belly button eye. If there is no disease in the body, it is usually intentional to keep Dantian. It gathers the internal gas in this area for a long time. After two or three months, it will feel a surge of air flow slowly. The abdomen will be hot and the air flow will continue to expand outward. At this time, guided by the idea, it can go down the perineum and then go up along the supervisory vein and through the neck. Then ascend to Baihui point at the top of the brain. Then down the nose bridge, across the neck, from the midline of chest and abdomen into Dantian. If such a cycle can be achieved, the term Qigong is called “Xiaozhou Tian”. Of course, it is not an easy thing to practice into a small week. It takes a long time. If we get through Ren Du’s two veins, it will undoubtedly be very beneficial to people’s body. We can achieve smooth channels, full of vitality and full of spirit.

If your body has a disease, such as a protrusion of the lumbar disc, where should you stick to it? According to my personal experience, at this time, when inhaling, I intend to keep Dantian, concentrate the internal gas in Dantian. When exhaling, I will guide the airflow downward from Dantian, through perineum, and then up the supervisory vein. Finally, I will concentrate on the pain, especially at the end of exhalation, where I intend to keep, which is the most effective way to open the meridian and eliminate pain.

When practicing Qigong at first, the body will have some abnormal reactions. For example, where the mind is concentrated, the body is prone to fever and sweating, the heart is prone to panic, and the skin has a sense of beating. These are normal phenomena, which will disappear naturally after a period of time. Some may also have breathing problems, as long as stop, rest for a while, you can return to normal. Beginners may as well practice for a short time, about 10 minutes, and then slowly extend the time to a certain extent, continuous practice for 10 hours is no problem.

As for the matters needing attention in practicing gong, one is not to practice when you are upset or overjoyed, because it is difficult to concentrate your mind at this time. Second, do not practice after drinking, because the brain after drinking is in an exciting state, it is difficult to quiet down. Generally, people who are good at wine are not interested in practicing Qigong. Thirdly, we should reduce the house affairs, too many house affairs, easy to deplete the internal gas, and Qigong treatment of disease, need to rely on the sufficient operation of internal gas to achieve the goal. Fourth, we should avoid being frightened, because our minds are too concentrated and easily disturbed by the outside world, so before practicing, we’d better tell our family that I’m going to practise and don’t disturb me. As for training to a certain extent, it will be easy to take in, not too much affected by the environment.

I have noticed that there are many people who come to communicate with me about Qigong and many people who are interested in Qigong, but few of them can really persevere and achieve the goal of treating diseases. First, it is difficult to persist, because Qigong has to persist for at least three months in order to have an effect. In the short term, some people have doubts about the efficacy of Qigong because they can’t see the effect. Secondly, modern people have a common problem, that is, they like to be lively, like to live in groups, and it is difficult to be quiet and alone. I once met a patient like me who had sick legs and had difficulty walking. He should have calmed down like me and cured his illness by the function of his mind. Instead of reducing his activities, he ran all over the world and traveled everywhere. He thinks that instead of being alone and worrying about illness, he should try to be as smart as possible for a few years while he can still walk. But the illness was unforgiving. Within a few years, he soon fell into a situation where he could not walk. Even his life was threatened.

After reading this article, it will take about five minutes. If you have relatives or friends who are not feeling well, you may as well ask him to read this article, and immediately calm down and try. No medicine, no money, no delay in work, all my life.