What is the principle of Qigong in China?

I am a person who has been devoted to Qigong for eight years. In my opinion, the principle of Qigong is the internal storage, internal operation and external exchange of Qigong. So how do you do that? It’s simply breathing exercise.

We exchange energy from birth to the outside world only through breathing and diet, and diet has changed for thousands of years because of the variety and refinement, but the amount of food we eat has not changed much. It can only be said that people who often do not exercise eat less than those who do regular exercise, but the degree of breathing varies from person to person. If we pay attention to the lung capacity of people around us, how about the body of people with large lung capacity? Our five zang organs are liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney. Let’s think about whether our liver, heart, spleen and kidney have a high utilization rate, and the load is very heavy for all of us, but the scientific research of our lungs is very little. The encyclopedia says that the bronchi in the lungs are branched into numerous bronchioles repeatedly, their ends are enlarged into cysts, and there are many prominent small vesicles around the cysts. That is alveoli. Alveoli vary in size and shape, with an average diameter of 0.2 mm. There are about 300 to 400 million alveoli in adults, with a total area of nearly 100 square meters, which is several times larger than the surface area of human skin. The alveoli are the main part of the gas exchange in the lungs and the functional unit of the lungs. Our lungs are a very powerful organ. There are so many alveoli in them, but how much energy can we use?

I can’t imagine how much our breathing capacity would be if all the alveoli were used. In my study, when people are still, the stronger their breathing capacity, the larger their vital capacity, the slower their heartbeat will be. The slower the heartbeat is, the higher the output power of the heart pump is, the stronger the ability of Qi and blood in the body to run and store, the stronger the muscles and bones and skins, the sober the brain, the more flexible the brain, and the deeper the perception of the body and nature, which is the principle of Qigong.

There are three ways of breathing: ordinary chest breathing, further abdominal breathing and reverse abdominal breathing. Ordinary people use physical exercise to make breathing stronger. Others use posts, meditation to calm their hearts. In fact, they make breathing stronger. Some hard Qigong just make breathing more focused on one place.

The training method of breathing and smiling plus Baduanjin in my article is rooted in breathing training. Smiling only reduces the loss of water and gas caused by breathing and moisturizes the five Zang organs. Baduanjin only helps the Qi to run better in the five zang organs and the whole body. These two are the training of assisted breathing. So you have to train according to the breathing method I told you, and you will gradually understand the mystery of Qigong.